Video // Danny MacAskill: Epecuén

Check out the latest project from Scottish trials rider, Danny MacAskill!

“Epecuén, around 350 miles southwest of Buenos Aires, was a tourist town on the edge of Lake Epecuén. At its peak in the 1970s, Epecuén had a population of around 5,000. Then, in 1985, a dam gave way, and water slowly submerged the town, whose residents evacuated. By 1993, according to The Atlantic, the entire town was under more than 30 feet of water.

Then in 2009, the water began receding, revealing a town in ruins. By 2011, Epecuén had entirely reappeared, as a haunting expanse of destruction, rusted rebar, crumbling concrete, and bare white trees.”

Read more on Red Bull’s page.


Here we go

Lately while reading product reviews of items I already own, I’ve found myself quite unsatisfied at times. Unsatisfied because I sometimes have negative experiences with the items and no one else seems to ever mention/experience them! Maybe I’m a bit nit-picky at times, but the little things matter to me.

That triggered something in my brain, making me want to do my own reviews! I do consider myself a gear junkie. I enjoy buying things that I believe will valuably enhance my experience in whatever I’m doing, which is usually (but not always) related to sports. But I’m not Richie Rich, so I always try to find the best bang for my buck.

Many reviews will be bike-related, but I’ll also cover things like electronics, athletic apparel, and household stuff that I love to use on a daily basis to mix it up.

And much more than just reviews (because I don’t get things for free, nor buy things super often), this’ll be a blog for me to share my life, thoughts, and cool things I find on the Interwebz! So stay tuned for more posts, and hopefully this’ll break up the monotony of my off-days from work. =]

Here’s a super quick mini-review: I like the layout of this theme (‘The Morning After’). Three columns give me ample room to share lots of stuff in a small area. But I really hatehatehate that it only shows the “Latest post” and not a stream of older posts below. Featured posts will have a preview below the latest post. If you want to read older content, you have to click the titles under Recent Posts on the right, or search. But unless I find another good looking three-column theme, I’m sticking with this one!