Throwback Thursday // Across America Tour


Exactly one year ago, I was in Seattle getting to know 14 other people for the first time, and was preparing to lead them in the following 2 months on the road as we biked coast-to-coast, ocean-to-ocean, from sea to shining sea (get the picture?), to the Big Apple!!

Today, a new team is meeting for the first time as they tackle 3400+ miles and raise money to feed Burmese refugees and provide education/discipleship for children in Banpong, Thailand at the Hosea Community Center. It’s surreal the first time around, and sometimes it doesn’t hit you for several days that you’re actually biking across America!

You can follow the team on social media by searching #AcrossAmericaTour on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Or check out this cool site that does it for you:

If you’re interested in cool adventure trips like this that benefit people in need, let me know! Venture Expeditions (the non-profit behind these tours) is dear to my heart and they have many different opportunities for everyone!


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