Faces of Cross

This week was a perfect example of Texas weather in a nutshell: beautiful sunny skies in the 60s on Tuesday, with a dry hardpack course on Wednesday, to near freezing temperatures with rain over the weekend. With all the rain, the course conditions took a turn for the worst. In other words, we had quintessential cyclocross conditions (mud on mud on mud) on Saturday, with more rain expected Sunday morning (in fact it’s pouring outside in North Austin as I type) — just in time for the Elite racers to show off their mud-slinging skills in the afternoon!

While I was course marshaling for a bit yesterday, I watched the kids and collegiate women race in muddy splendor. It was then I realized these faces would make for great portraits! Unfortunately, I only thought of this after all the ladies had raced (sorry ladies!). I’m quite bummed I didn’t think of it earlier, because I love to show and promote the women’s side of cycling! Many of those girls racing yesterday could’ve easily kicked my butt in a race.

Anyway, without further ado, here are some of the faces of cyclocross, with all their mud, sweat, tears, blood…and snot! Click any photo to enlarge.

(If you see yourself in one of these photos and want a full-res copy, email me at kuotient[at]gmail. Also if you see someone you know in here, please share with them!)


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