Photographers of Cross

“Hey, photographers need their photographs taken too, right?!”


Inspired by Manual For Speed, this was just one of several ideas which I wish I had thought of earlier in the week, but was nonetheless happy with what I got. During the final delayed day of racing at the USAC Cyclocross National Championships, I literally ran around Zilker Park hunting down all the photographers I could find wearing the bright yellow USAC photographer credential vests.

We “Like” and share so many pictures these days, and we see shots of athletes doing cool things all the time…but rarely do we ever get to see the eyes and faces behind the thousand(s) dollar pieces of glass capturing these moments. This is for all the photographers out there to say “thanks for what you’re doing!”

Extra kudos to Andrew Yee (Photographer #40), founder of Cyclocross Magazine below for snapping a pic of me in return! And #34 said it best when he said “Now the real challenge will be to find out where everyone is posting their photos.”

If you see yourself below, take it and use it for personal (non-profit) use. Then shoot me an e-mail at kuotient[at]gmail just to let me know who you are! Thanks.


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