2014 Trek Stache 8

Manufacturer: Trek
Model: 2014 Stache 8
Size: 17.5″

Drivetrain: 1×10 (RaceFace NarrowWide 32T Chainring)
Tires: Bontrager XR-3 Expert 2.3″ converted tubeless w/ Stans sealant
Grips: Bontrager Evoke grips

Finally plunked down some moolah to get this mean machine back in February (’14)! The Stache has reinvigorated my passion for cycling at a time when road riding around Clear Lake (Houston, TX) just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. It made commuting by bike a little more fun, as I could cut through the neighborhood, parks, and jump off curbs, and even got me on my road bike more recently!


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