For the Love of Mud

So maybe you’ve been wondering (or probably not) “what is this cyclocross (CX) racing Allen has gone nuts over all about?” Well watch the trailer for “For The Love of Mud” to get an idea!

The film just so happens to be premiering in Austin during CX Nationals on January 9th, so you can probably find me there that evening! Get your tickets here.


Video // Danny MacAskill: Epecuén

Check out the latest project from Scottish trials rider, Danny MacAskill!

“Epecuén, around 350 miles southwest of Buenos Aires, was a tourist town on the edge of Lake Epecuén. At its peak in the 1970s, Epecuén had a population of around 5,000. Then, in 1985, a dam gave way, and water slowly submerged the town, whose residents evacuated. By 1993, according to The Atlantic, the entire town was under more than 30 feet of water.

Then in 2009, the water began receding, revealing a town in ruins. By 2011, Epecuén had entirely reappeared, as a haunting expanse of destruction, rusted rebar, crumbling concrete, and bare white trees.”

Read more on Red Bull’s page.