Masters of Cross

Friday hosted what I consider the “Young Masters” races, which consisted of 5-year age group races from 30-49 (Thursday, which I wasn’t in town for, was the “Old Masters” races, from 50-80+. Yes, there were 3 men racing in the 80+ category!). I didn’t make it out to Zilker in time for the Women’s races as I didn’t really know anyone in those. Enjoy!

Crash Nationals 2

Sunday started off a sad day for cycling. In the morning the Austin Parks & Rec department cancelled the last day of CX Nationals. There are a million things to say about that and the reasons for cancellation, and I’ll just say I respect and empathize with multiple┬ásides of the argument. It was a huge bummer overall — many juniors, U23, and Elite racers flew across the country (some even from Belgium) for this race.

Thankfully USAC and Austin Parks Dept were able to compromise and postpone the race to today rather than canceling it outright! How much Lance (whom I met Friday night) had a part in it is unknown, but it’s great to see his support for the race no matter how notorious many feel he is:

With the schedule change, everyone invested in the race either had to go back home and give up their dream of winning the championship this year or dish out a lot more money for another night at a hotel, meals, changed flights, and possibly even miss school/work. That’ll put a lot of financial stress (and regular stress) on anybody. Through the chaos, it was cool to see how the cycling community came together:

  1. Tim Johnson, pro CX racer for Cannondale, provided dinner for Junior/U23 racers and their families.

  2. Lance offered multiple housing units to racers in need of a place to stay.

  3. John “Prolly” Watson quickly organized another night of CRASH NATIONALS!!

John is all about promoting positivity in cycling. He wasn’t going to let the community succumb to the somber mood of the ‘Cross Nationals drama! “Crash Nationals” is a fun, unsanctioned race on a singletrack course that was pretty much dry in Roy G. Guerrero Colorado River Metropolitan Park (phew that’s a long name) that was first held on Thursday night. Check out the gallery below to get a glimpse at what Crash Nationals was all about!