Sayonara, 2014!

Of course I start AFTER the year is over to start reflecting back at what happened in my life in 2014!

JanuarySnowboarding in Colorado.

February – Did my first duathlon. Bought my first mountain bike.

March – I finally shaved after extending “No Shave November” for 4 extra months. Interviewed at San Jacinto College for the Physical Therapist Assistant program.

AprilFurbypoo wedding. Drove to Austin to see friends cross the MS150 finish line.

May – Got accepted into the San Jacinto PTA program. Placed 8th in my first mountain bike race, the Big Ring Challenge. Set a new bowling PR of 256. My nephew Gabriel visits Houston for the first time. Got out of the Houston Escape Room with IHOS crew and bro-in-law. Started this blog.

June – Flew with my dad to Taiwan for less than a week for grandma’s funeral. Camped and mountain biked in the hill country with Eric.

July – My mom was diagnosed with oral cancer. Went back to TAF (Taiwanese American Foundation) for the first time in 9 years as a JH counselor.

August – My sister had twins. Started PTA school.

SeptemberCraig & Ellen hosted an engagement party on a boat on my birthday. I turned 26.

October – Placed 2nd in my second duathlon. Attended TPTA’s annual Student Conclave in Galveston Mom had surgery to remove cancer from her tongue. Finished my first (and last??) marathon at the Marine Corps Marathon in DC.

November – Bought my second bike of the year, a cyclocross bike. Raced Give Me Some Sugar CX. Watched Dwight Howard’s documentary and met Daryl Morey, Rockets GM. Finally experienced Killen’s BBQ. Completed the Texas Bridge Series (10K, 10K, 13.1) to conclude my running career for the foreseeable future. Relient K concert. Raced in the Terra X cyclocross race, then attended the Ong wedding that evening. Volunteered and raced in the “Houston Cyclocross Challenge” the following day, then attended the Lee wedding that evening.

December – Finally got my first raise at work. Finished first semester of PTA school. Won a pair of $400 cycling shoes. Mom finished all her cancer treatments at MD Anderson Cancer Center on Christmas Eve.

Kudos to Facebook/Instagram for helping me remember my life. You could say 2014 was quite eventful for me! October-November was one of the craziest time periods ever. What do I have look forward to in 2015?

  • Cyclocross National Championships are in a week in Austin, and I’ll be racing in a non-champ race plus possibly the Industry race! This year I hope to ride and race A LOT more by entering several mountain bike races, trying some crit racing on the road, and placing top 50% in all my CX races next winter. I sacrificed a lot of riding by training for the marathon, but no more!
  • I’ll have my first 5-week PTA clinical at the end of summer! Excited for that.
  • A deep playoff run for the Rockets? Crossing my fingers.
  • My mom will be declared cancer-free. IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN.

Here’s to a great new year to come!